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This island retreat is designed to provide a range of holiday experiences. It is a contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional Fijian bure, formed as a series of linked pavilions with large hipped roofs to create generous volumes within. Wide open-air loggias link the living and bedroom pavilions, providing a shaded transition space between inside and out.

The clients’ desire was for all finishes to be white, giving a unique and modern look. This sharply contrasts with the vivid green of the landscaping and the water beyond. Despite its apparent opulence the house is simply detailed, with corrugated-iron roofing and bevel-back weatherboard cladding. Roofs drain directly to large pebble drains set into the ground, and the loggia spaces are open to the outside. Finishes throughout are simple with a white paint finish.

Heavy timber posts anchor the building both physically and visually to the natural stone floor. Aluminium joinery as well as the timber storm shutters slide into wall pockets to create a seamless connection between inside and outside. The open-plan living zone connects to the swimming pool with a “bure” bar island fronting the marina.


(Carnachan Architects)