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The proposal maximizes active frontages to, and overlooking, Merton Road Reserve (two boundaries) and Merton Road.

Circulation spaces within the development are transformed by layout and detail into living streets where residents are able to engage or withdraw from the activity around them. Kitchens overlook stairwells and entrances. Living spaces within the units look out to the street, reserve and backyard . Privacy is maintained in each unit as circulation routes do not pass by windows.

The whole development is broken into smaller building components separated by glazed vertical streets. The scheme is further modulated by articulation of the roofline from 2 to 4 levels. The 4 level block being located in the NE corner at the greatest distance from the residential boundary. This is the lowest point on the site.

Within the backyard a pedestrian promenade ties the whole development together, visually unifying the space as a shared outdoor room and helping to create a sense of community. This area, overlooked by all the units, leads into the garden where a shared community pavilion will be developed. The garden and the promenade receive maximum sunlight.