TE WERO BRIDGE / Auckland Viaduct Harbour

Auckland Viaduct Harbour
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The concept centres around reclamation both conceptually and literally, to reclaim important elements in our city and our history.  The intention is to reactivate these & energise Te Wero Island and the passage across the Viaduct Harbour.  The scheme engages in the wider context of the city & urban environment, providing a pivotal and innovative design that doesn’t seek to ‘capture’ the spirit of Auckland but to ‘captivate’ it.  Linking People, City, Sea, Landscape and Bridge in one sensuous continuous gesture.


The proposal stretching from the bascule bridge to the proposed revitalised Jellicoe precinct, establishes a dynamic landscape, a terrain of engagement with access to the water, generating activity at a human scale while referencing the existing distinctive forms of Auckland.