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The Waitemata waterfront is the meeting place of the City and the Harbour; the City and the Region; the City’s and the Region’s public transport systems.

The Passenger Transport Interchange is the central tenet of the brief. The Waitemata waterfront is the place where Auckland’s three major modes of public transport (ferry, bus and train) meet. It is also where visitors and guests from the rest of the region, the country, and the world encounter Auckland. It is the place where Greater Auckland has its functional and symbolic hub, and where the future regional transport network demonstrates its efficiency.

Waitemata waterfront is particularly the meeting point of Auckland’s growing water-based passenger transport (ferries, water taxis, etc) with the growing land-based public transport (buses and coaches, light rail, heavy rail, taxis, etc).

Three interweaving themes are derived from our analysis to inform and support this proposal: transport, navigation and destination. These themes relate the site, the city and the region, and bring together the more expansive themes of country and city, city and harbour, water and land, local and global. They also provide a link between the historic influences of Maori and Pakeha, New Zealand and the South Pacific.