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Interior and exterior have a degree of ambiguity in the Wilson House. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors disappear into the wall cavities so that the living area can flow seamlessly on to the patio, the transition made even more gradual by the erection of a canvas awning over the outdoor space. Likewise, the dining room stops short of the end of the building’s floor plan, leaving an indoor-outdoor space for a barbecue terrace that then flows out into the patio adjoining the living room. The house is essentially two rectangular units, a lower flat-roofed unit clad in plywood stained black and slightly taller unit clad in Zincalume cutting through the middle, its gently sloping roof and broad eaves embracing the neighbour.

Text originally published in 40 Architects Around 40.

Thompson, Jessica Cargill, and Caroline Keller. 40 Architects around 40 = 40 Architekten Um Die 40. Köln: Taschen, 2006. Print.