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This addition to an Auckland City Council Residential 1 zoned villa included the addition of kitchen, dining, and family room space and an additional bedroom, en-suite and study upstairs. The project was divided into two stages, the upstairs parent’s bedroom suite over the existing house and a stand-alone pavilion housing the kitchen, dining and family area.

The intention was to develop the home respecting the Victorian building to the street and developing a modern addition to the rear respecting and reinterpreting the traditional materials, forms and scale. The new pavilion is a contemporary space disconnected from the restored villa by a flat roof transition and is in contrast to the more closed Victorian spaces of the old part of the home, it’s a loose fit space that provides a seamless transition between inside and out. The kitchen is detailed to reflect the client’s interest in horticulture and their fruit and vegetable exporting business by the notion of stacked boxes, plants and photographed fruit.

The second level allowed for a contemporary insertion in to the traditional roof form creating modern connected spaces and a sculptural shower