Kōtuitui Terraces
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Kōtuitui in Māori means ‘to connect’, a name gifted by Te Ākitai Waiohua to the development. These homes connect to mana whenua, to the land, to the community, the landscape and the city. The intention was to create a new connected community in the affordable, social sector of the housing market. Kōtuitui is a collection of two, three and four bedroom terrace homes, that are distinctive and have an individual character. They are built in solid timeless materials with variation in roof lines, heights and brick colours but creating a cohesive identity. The Kiwibuild price points are no impediment to providing quality urban design and Architecture. The aim was to construct a unique built environment, and to establish a community in a market that does provide challenges in being able to create the best possible outcomes at affordable prices.
All homes have sunny outside courtyards and front doors on the public realm. Car parking is dealt with in some instances by accommodating them in front yards and others within rear lanes planted and screened. These latter spaces become an extension of the community space with children’s (and adults) games including foursquare, snakes and ladders and hopscotch marked out providing a multi layered use of the space.

These homes deliver warmth and delight in an environmentally sustainable way and establishes a new neighbourhood.

The terrace block presenting to Tuaiwi Street (units 1 – 12 ) is broken into three distinct built elements of 4 units each. These elements are further broken down horizontally, through a subtle break in cladding at each inter-tenancy wall line. The considered rhythm of fenestration and door colours adds further individuality to each unit. The three distinct built elements along Tuaiwi Street are also broken by a vertical step in the façade responding to the site topography, this breaks the horizontality of the façade as the building steps down the natural slope. Together with the stepping of the façade, the projecting dormer windows add interest and create a strong silhouette on the skyline. The articulation of the terraces block into individual ‘units’ and the use of a mansard roof element adds verticality and much-needed scale to this important street elevation. The terrace block presenting to Tuhono St Street (units 13 – 18 ) is broken into three distinct built elements of 2 units each. Strong articulation of fenestration, front doors and sculptural recessed entries punctuate this lower-scale building and signal individuality. Three predominant materials make up this façade being masonry tiles, timber cladding, and aluminium fenestration.