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Architecture is everywhere. There is not a single moment we are not under its influence. An Architect’s role is to understand and manipulate influence for dramatic affect.

Beautiful, considered and engaging design is a way of life for the team at Crosson. We constantly think, consider and critique creativity. It’s our DNA. Realising our client’s aspirations in surprising and compelling ways is what we live to do.

Great architecture comes from positive collaboration between individuals, the most important of these being the client and architect. At Crosson we create for you.

Our projects are realisations of client emphasis. The creative process is vigorous and robust. Amongst other things we consider physical, psychological and spiritual drivers to achieve an outcome that is unique and specific. It is a rich and rewarding process.

At Crosson we consider many clients lifelong friends. Creating a beautiful piece of design is a journey we love to share.

If you are looking for an architect, come in for a coffee. We would love to talk you through the experience of realising a project with Ken and the team.